What is The Coin Geek YouTube Channel?

The Coin Geek YouTube Channel has over 800 coin-related videos, and a new video comes out almost every day. If you’re ready to jump in and explore the channel, click the link below:

The Coin Geek YouTube Channel

Who is “The Coin Geek”?

Ben, also known as “The Coin Geek”, has been collecting coins for over 30 years, and has been doing it “professionally” for over 20 years. He has been working at Old Pueblo Coin since 1998, became the owner in 2017, and started posting coin videos on YouTube in April 2018. Ben’s mission is to educate people about coins & coin collecting.

Where do I start?

If you’re just getting started with coin collecting or just want to learn the basics, you can start with these videos:

There is no single right way to collect coins! This video goes over some popular ways to collect coins, and includes some “buyer beware” tips:

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the Redbook, a handy guide to learn about US coins and their relative values:

Here is a way to think about breaking down coin grading before you jump into the finer technical details:

If you’re looking for more beginner videos, check out this playlist:

The Coin Geek Playlist for New Collectors

Looking for more discussion on coin collecting topics? Check out this playlist:

The Coin Geek Coin Conversation Playlist

Want to see Ben show / discuss coins and their grades as they come back fresh from NGC or PCGS? Check out this playlist:

The Coin Geek Open Box Playlist

Want to see how different coin grading companies grade the same coin? Check out this playlist:

he Coin Geek Crackouts, Crossovers, and Regrades Playlist

We like paper money / currency collecting too! Check out this playlist:

The Coin Geek Currency / Paper Money Playlist