Old Pueblo Coin buys and sells gold, silver and other precious metals. The precious metals market has been in the news a lot lately. The number one question we get is “what will the metals do next”? The answer is – we don’t know. The number two question we get is ”why buy?”. The reality is that commodities do not change value, the price of your currency does. Look at some of the main points from this article on hyperinflation from the Atlantic magazine.

Here are some quotes from the article.

Overall prices rise too much when the government prints too much money.

So it (the government) prints what it needs. And it keeps printing. But it turns out you can’t print money and pretend you have an economy when you don’t.

It’s about governments printing way too much money because it’s their only choice.

You may see a pattern when it comes to printing money. The more money the government prints, the less it is worth. All it takes for currency to spoil is for the people to lose faith in it. This means that precious metals are not your typical investment, they are like insurance… Government Insurance. So if you would like to buy some government insurance give us a call at (520) 881-7200.


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