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World Treasures Mint FAKE silver bars

The “World Treasures Mint” is putting out fake silver bars. These bars are marked “1 Troy Oz .999 Silver”. They come in many different designs. They also come in individual holders and some have serial numbers.


Beware of silver marked “World Treasures Mint”

These bars are made to look like real silver bars and are made to deceive. There is nothing on the bar that indicates they are not pure silver. The weight is also off. The bar we examined weighs 34.4 grams instead of the 31.1 grams a troy ounce should weigh. This particular bar has a serial number. You can see, under magnification, that the serial number is copper, as is the rest of the bar.


Note the copper showing through at the serial number

The company sells them as ”Silver Clad” on their website, but they are not marked that way. All you get is a hint that they are clad with the (hard to read) words “In Clad We Trust”.  The average person looking at these bars would have no clear way to know they are not pure silver based on the markings.


“In Clad We Trust”


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  1. Dan Rohe October 23, 2018

    Thanks! You just saved me from wasting my money buying two of these on ebay!


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