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The Super Bowl and Coins

Question: What do the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers have in common?

Answer: Both have or had a United States Mint in their respected city.

Denver- The Denver mint was first established in 1906 and quickly became one of the main sources for coins in the United states. At that time the only other mints were in San Francisco, New Orleans and Philadelphia. Today only the Denver mint and Philadelphia mint produce coins for circulation. The mint in San Francisco still issues collector coins and sets and there is now a mint in West Point (NY) that produces silver and gold coins. Unknown-1

Charlotte- The Charlotte mint only struck gold coins. It was in use from 1838 until 1861. It is not a coincidence that the mint went out of business at the start of the Civil War. There was also a mint in Dahlonega, GA that stopped production in 1861. All Charlotte mint coins are considered rare and desirable. The mint was sold and moved to a different location where it stands now as a museum.Unknown

Who wins the super bowl? If you are going for volume and longevity you have Denver. The old man Peyton Manning has produced and produced, just like the Denver mint. The flashy team would be Carolina. Nothing but gold baby!   – I’m not sure a numismatist is qualified to make this selection, but I’ll take Charlotte gold any day!

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