Sterling Silver Candlesticks – Weights and Values.

Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Before you take this silver candlestick apart it weighs close to 5 ounces.

Sterling silver candlesticks are among the items people find with their family’s silver heirlooms. They vary in size, shape, purity and value. Occasionally they will be solid silver. The ones we see the most frequently are single candle stands with a heavy round base.

Sterling Silver Candlestick

You can see how thin the metal is once you peel up the bottom on this sterling silver candlestick holder.

Sterling silver candlestick

Metal poles help keep the clay together.

As you can see in the image these silver  candlesticks weigh a lot! Let me pop your bubble right away, almost all candlesticks of this shape are weighted. Most of them will be marked ”Weighted” or ”Filled” on the base.

A composite clay is what we see most frequently for the filling. What is most amazing is the production process that was used to make these silver candle sticks. Once you peel away the base you can see that the silver portion is only slightly thicker than tin foil!

Inside the silver candlestick you will find composite clay and metal bars holding things in place.  You need a good set of pliers to pull the silver back. Be very careful because these sterling silver candlesticks can have very sharp edges.

Once you peel off the top and the bottom you can usually bang the clay with a hammer (over a trash can please) and the materials fall out. Some of them are easier to open than others. Some make more of a mess than others! In this example the sterling silver candlesticks have a nice hard composite that breaks in big easy chunks. We have had some that the clay inside practically exploded when hit and turned into a powder.

Silver Candlestick Top

The top peels off this sterling silver candlestick holder.

Clay composite from inside the sterling silver candlestick.

Clay composite from inside the sterling silver candlestick.

When we were all done with this silver candlestick it weighs 16.8 grams! That means that approximately 90% of this sterling silver candlestick is NOT SILVER! So as far as the value of sterling silver candlesticks goes you can see that they may look like valuable family treasures, but they may only be worth $5 or $10 each. So if your wife likes these candlestick holders, and will use them, then it may be worth holding on to. If you have not lit a candle in 25 years then maybe it is time to part with your families sterling silver candlesticks!

Sterling Silver Candlsticks

That’s a lot of weight loss!