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Silver Not For Sale


Silver Not For Sale!


The current silver market is frustrating. Wholesalers are backed up for weeks. Retailers can’t get it to sell. Buyers can’t find it to buy. Some buyers consider it a conspiracy that when the metals drop they can’t buy any. The reality is that demand has outpaced supply. This has happened several times over the last couple of years as the price has come down. There is a quick drop in the price and the buyers react with a quick spike in orders.

This happened in August. The demand increased to the point that the US Mint stopped accepting orders for Silver Eagles. They wanted to make sure they could fill all the orders that they take and meet demand.  The companies that make silver rounds are now in a similar situation. Instead of halting orders they simply push back delivery times. Delivery times that were once less than a week are not several weeks, in some cases over two months.

Some believe this could become the new normal. If history holds true then we will see the supply loosen up in a few weeks time. Until then you can expect to see showcases that are empty or nearly empty.

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