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Rip Off Artists HSN ( Home Shopping Network )

If you have cable TV you’ve probably run across the Home Shopping Network, or HSN as it is called. They sell just about everything you don’t need and then some! It would be nice if they did your Costco shopping and sent it to you,  but they try to sell things you probably would never buy at Costco. What’s worse is they have gotten into the coin business.


There is nothing that these guys sell that is a good deal. They may sell real coins, which is better than some places, but they sell them at unreal prices. Take a look at this listing from their website.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 2.26.36 PM

  • Price- This 1881 S Morgan dollar graded NGC MS63 is priced for 2x to 3x what you can pick them up for in the open market. You can usually find them for $45 to $60.
  • Fake Images- What really galls me … I should be numb to it by now….is that the images used are fake images, just computer generated. They look nothing like the coin you will get, and the holders are also computer generated and not what real NGC holders look like. I’m amazed NGC allows this.
  • Smarmy Marketing – For extra credit points they have a video you can watch where a guy rants for two minutes about how incredible the coin is and a lady is in the back ground just in shock that they can sell the coins for this price. Well, I’m also in shock that they can sell the coins for that price.
  • Targeting the Elderly- Although this is not mentioned in the advertising this company targets the elderly. Mostly they try to get them because they have money, are easy to bully, and occasionally have dementia.

If you have friends or family members that are shopping with HSN please send them this article. This company will continue to do this as long as people fall for their marketing tactics.

Hey HSN stop ripping people off!

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