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I realized the other day that I’m really having fun collecting coins. This may sound silly, since I’m the Coin Geek, but I think we all ebb and flow in and out of our collecting passions. What I mean is that at any given time we are more passionate or less passionate than in the past.

One thing that helps your passion flow is by getting into new areas of collecting. You literally get kindled again…that fire of collecting sparks again. It may be something you’ve dabbled in in the past. It may be something that is only tangentially related to what you collect now.

For me that is currently Greek Coins. The history, the designs, the varieties, the age of the coins, all these things make it  a ton of fun. I also enjoy doing the research for each coin.

The single most important thing with collecting that makes it fun and will get you fired up is having other collectors in your life. The sharing of common interests, of stories, and of ”show and tell” are the things that make collecting a real joy.

So if you’ve lost your fire then consider picking up an old flame, or something new, but make sure you are doing it with other people. Those people will be the secret to your collecting success. And by success I mean having fun.

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