1943-S Steel Lincoln Wheat Cent – NGC MS66


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Steel Lincoln Wheat Cent

graded MS66 by NGC


stock photos, multiple available. Cert numbers will vary


Price is for one (1) 1943-S Steel Lincoln Wheat Cent, graded MS66 by NGC.

The coins are BU coins.

These S mint coins are more lustrous than the P & D mint coins from same bulk batch.

Coins may have some toning / haze / spots visible at certain angles


Fresh slab, straight from NGC to our store.


We sent in rolls of nice BU steel cents to NGC for bulk submission. Over half came back MS65 or MS66.

See the journey of these coins on YouTube:

Part 1 (steel cent time capsule)

Part 2 (closer look at raw coins)

Part 3 (NGC bulk submission results, closer look at graded and ungraded coins)