1787 Draped Bust Left Connecticut Colonial Copper M. 44-Z.10 – NGC F12 BN

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Connecticut Colonial Copper

Draped Bust Facing Left

Graded F12 Brown by NGC


Miller #:

M. 44-Z.10

obverse type 44 ( [cinquefoil] AUCTORI :     [cinquefoil] CONNEC : [cinquefoil] )

reverse type Z ( [cinquefoil] INDE : [cinquefoil cinquefoil cinquefoil]         [cinquefoil]      ETLIB : [cinquefoil] ), die variety 10

Rarity: R.6


Very hard to find


The Connecticut Colonial Coppers of 1785 to 1788 have hundreds of different obverse and reverse dies used. The attribution used is the Miller number, taken from The State Coinage of Connecticut by Henry C. Miller.


nice slab, straight from NGC to our store

cert # 5864277-005