1785 Bust Left Connecticut Colonial Copper M. 8-D – NGC VF Details


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Connecticut Colonial Copper

Mailed Bust Facing Left

Graded VF Details by NGC (bent)


Miller #:

M. 8-D

obverse type 8 ( AUCTORI CONNEC : )

reverse type D ( INDE : [4 dots] ETLIB :  )

Rarity: High R.5 / R.6


Extremely rare and hard to find, with not many examples surviving.


From Miller book:

“One of the rarest types of 1785. Crosby found only one.”


From recent Heritage Auction:

“The three varieties in the Miller 7-D class, and this fourth variety, are the only 1785 varieties with the obverse effigy facing to the left. Current rarity estimates suggest that about 150 examples of this distinct type survive for all four varieties combined. That is a small total to satisfy the needs of variety collectors who need four examples each, with the additional demand created from Guide Book collectors. A combination of 15 variety collectors and 100 Guide Book collectors would exhaust the entire supply of 1785 Mailed Bust Left coppers, and those numbers are hardly far-fetched.”


The Connecticut Colonial Coppers of 1785 to 1788 have hundreds of different obverse and reverse dies used. The attribution used is the Miller number, taken from The State Coinage of Connecticut by Henry C. Miller.


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