1689 Feb. Ireland 1 Shilling “Gun Money” – NGC VF30


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1689 Feb.


1 Shilling

“Gun Money”


Graded VF30 by NGC


Issued during the Williamette War in Ireland.

In the late 17th century, King James II of Ireland, England, & Scotland was overthrown by William III. James II rebuilt his army in an attempt to return to power, but lacked resources to properly pay his men. Instead he issued “gun money”—coinage made from base metals such as copper & brass—that could be traded in for silver & gold once the war was won. The year and even the month was included to allow for a gradual replacement.

The term “gun money” was used due to the belief that the metal came from melted down guns (however, much came from things such as church bells). In the end, Jacob II and his army lost and the gun money was not traded in for precious metals, but make for a neat collectible with a unique story.


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