Ring Marked "Platinum"

Ring Marked “Platinum”

There are many ways platinum jewelry is marked. Jewelry artisans mark platinum for the same reasons they mark gold. They want their clients to know the value and purity of the metal they use.

Platinum is also measured in troy ounces, which means it has 31.1 grams per ounce. Platinum can use the same karat designations as gold, with 24 karat being pure. Having said that, platinum is rarely marked with the K mark. It is generally done in percentages. Marks include “Platinum”, “Pt”, “10% Irid. Plat”


“10% IRID. PLAT” Mark

Gold is often mixed with copper, zinc, nickel, or silver to make the lower karat weights. Platinum is usually mixed with Iridium or Rhodium or other metals in the Platinum family. The percentage of platinum in a ring is almost always 90% or higher.

Some rings with diamond settings will be marked 14k or 18k and then say ”Plat”. These rings are not platinum. They are gold and used platinum on the head of the ring.


18k gold Ring with Platinum head.


"Pt950" Mark on ring.

“Pt950” Mark on ring.

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