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Peach Pie Public Service Announcement

In the sumer time, in Tucson, it’s hot. This comes as a shock to some as they gripe and grumble about the heat. But not all is lost. Yes summer comes with heat, but it also comes with its seasonal benefits. Perhaps the most important thing you need to know is that it is peach season. As long as it is summer, and you endure the heat, take time to enjoy the seasonal pleasure of peaches. The Village Inn has their peach pie in stock. And it is good!

If you are wondering¬†how peach pie relates to coins, it doesn’t. But when you are located next to the Village Inn, it does. So stop by, get some peach pie and then come over and enjoy the cool AC at Old Pueblo Coin. Look around and you may find something that is just peachy.

Peach Pie Season in the summer time.

Peach Pie Season in the summer time.

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