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The year was 1921 and the US had just started producing Silver Dollars again after a 17 year absence. At first the US started producing the Morgan dollar, which had been made from 1878-1904. They were working on a new design for a new era. World War I was still fresh on the minds of the masses and people were hoping for a change.

In the fall of 1921 the new dollar came out. It had a depiction of Lady Liberty on it with a crown of rays going out from her head band. A strong ‘LIBERTY’ rises above her. The back of the coin has an Eagle perched on a rock. On this rock is the word “PEACE”. The nickname for this dollar is the ”Peace Dollar” because of that word. The word “PEACE” is very faint. Perhaps this is a reference to the fragility of peace…or just because that is how the design is…either way the name has stuck.


We often get calls about one more detail on this coin, and that is the word “trust”. It is spelled out in all caps: “TRVST”. The “U” was stylized to look like a “V” and that “V” stood for Victory. The peace dollar was born out of WWI and both sides of the coin symbolize that….with the “V” for victory and the “PEACE” for their time.


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