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(Not) Following My Own Advice – Seek Professional Help

I missed out on buying a  cool watch. A very cool watch. Why? Because I didn’t follow my own advice! Check with a professional and don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

A gentleman brought in a neat diver’s watch from the 50’s. I did some research online to try to get a current value. This is a practice I recommend, with a grain of salt. It takes time to learn what information is good and what is not. <——- At this point I should stop writing, hang my head in shame, go home and sleep.——> Although I found reasonable information on sales, I took one more look at the watch and noticed something funny – it had the same serial number on the back of it as one that sold at a major auction house.  This was a red flag to me, so I searched for the information as though the watch were a counterfeit, and needless to say the first dozen sites that popped up indicated as much.

I told the gentleman the bad news. I was just as disappointed as he was. I contacted the auction house AFTER he left and they informed me that the information I read on the internet was wrong. That specific watch was made with the same number on the back.

Let me say again:

…information…read…on … the…internet…was… wrong!!!!!

Who knew?….that’s right, me. I tell people that all the time. Lesson learned. Seek the advice of a professional.

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