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Changing Good Luck


There are many types of superstitions that people follow. Sports fans will wear the same clothes on game day. There are old wives tales about stepping on cracks. Thespians say ”Break a leg” on stage. Over the years many superstitions have evolved and revolved around specific objects, such as a rabbit’s foot,  horseshoes, 4 leaf clovers etc. I’m sure there is a story behind every one of those items…which brings me to a good luck token we recently came upon.reversetoken

It is about the size of a half dollar and appears to be made of bronze. On the center of the reverse it has an all seeing eye that radiates and has good luck symbols in between the radiant lines. They have a heart and key, a four leaf clover, an elephant charm, a horseshoe, a rabbits foot and a wishbone. It reads “THE ALL SEEING EYE GUARDS YOU FROM EVIL”.

eyeThe other side has a well defined genie looking in a crystal ball and at the bottom reads, “GOOD LUCK WILL ACCOMPANY THE BEARER”.  What the modern observer would find shocking is the symbol chosen to be inside the crystal ball to represent good luck; the swastika.goodluck

The swastika is a symbol that is many millennia old. It is still used  in the far east, as a religious and good luck symbol.  It was 1920 when Hitler first adopted it as a part of the nazi parties emblem. Today most of the western world despises the symbol. Based on western history we would guess this token is from the 1920’s or earlier. It is unlikely that by the time you got into the 1930’s they would have used the swastika as the main symbol for good luck in the crystal ball.

Good luck tokens come in all sizes and designs. They are often mystic in nature with images of genies or sorcery. The message is often one of good luck or good fortune. This piece is a reminder that through all numismatic studies you can learn, or take the time to learn, about history and culture. The details can be a mystery at first but can lead to a well rounded education. GOOD LUCK!

goodlucktoken  hearttokenephelumpswastika

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