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Why the Baseball Hall of Fame Coins were a good buy

Most mint products go down in value. It is a fact of life. If you look over the greysheet you’ll see a couple decades of coins that the Mint sold for $35-$45 and now list for $25-$30.

But if you were one of the lucky ones to get in on the Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coins you got some handsome coins and a good value. The Baseball hall of Fame coins already have appreciated in value. This doesn’t mean they will stay there. Many mint products go up in value right after they

baseballare issued. During that time there is some scarcity as those who couldn’t get through the mints poor website try to get the coins on the secondary market.

The reason the HOF coins will do well is because they are a popular topic, good design, and a first of a kind (possibly one of a kind) shape. Who knows if the mint will every make ”bent” coins again. The mint has the ability to take a topic or design and really botch it. This time the hit it out of the park. Having a concave glove design on one side and a convex ball design on the other side was brilliant.

Currently you can find the dollar coin for $100 or so online. This may still be a buying opportunity, as I think these coins are likely to trend like the 2001 Buffalo $1 did. The Buffalos currently trade at $150.  It is rare to find a modern mint coin that I’d say is a good buy at $100. Only time will tell if I’m right, but every once and a while you need to swing for the fences.

And if you are not a big hitter, the mint still has the half dollar available for $22.95 and $23.95 depending on if you get the proof or unc.

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