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Rekindled Collections

I realized the other day that I’m really having fun collecting coins. This may sound silly, since I’m the Coin Geek, but I think we all ebb and flow in and out of our collecting passions. What I mean is that at any given time we are more passionate or less passionate than in the past.

One thing that helps your passion flow is by getting into new areas of collecting. You literally get kindled again…that fire of collecting sparks again. It may be something you’ve dabbled in in the past. It may be something that is only tangentially related to what you collect now.

For me that is currently Greek Coins. The history, the designs, the varieties, the age of the coins, all these things make it  a ton of fun. I also enjoy doing the research for each coin.

The single most important thing with collecting that makes it fun and will get you fired up is having other collectors in your life. The sharing of common interests, of stories, and of ”show and tell” are the things that make collecting a real joy.

So if you’ve lost your fire then consider picking up an old flame, or something new, but make sure you are doing it with other people. Those people will be the secret to your collecting success. And by success I mean having fun.

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(Not) Following My Own Advice – Seek Professional Help

I missed out on buying a  cool watch. A very cool watch. Why? Because I didn’t follow my own advice! Check with a professional and don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

A gentleman brought in a neat diver’s watch from the 50’s. I did some research online to try to get a current value. This is a practice I recommend, with a grain of salt. It takes time to learn what information is good and what is not. <——- At this point I should stop writing, hang my head in shame, go home and sleep.——> Although I found reasonable information on sales, I took one more look at the watch and noticed something funny – it had the same serial number on the back of it as one that sold at a major auction house.  This was a red flag to me, so I searched for the information as though the watch were a counterfeit, and needless to say the first dozen sites that popped up indicated as much.

I told the gentleman the bad news. I was just as disappointed as he was. I contacted the auction house AFTER he left and they informed me that the information I read on the internet was wrong. That specific watch was made with the same number on the back.

Let me say again:

…information…read…on … the…internet…was… wrong!!!!!

Who knew?….that’s right, me. I tell people that all the time. Lesson learned. Seek the advice of a professional.

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1936 Gettysburg 50 cent Commemorative

The coin of the week is a 1936 Gettysburg commemorative half. This coin features a Union and Confederate soldier on the obverse with the words “BLUE AND GRAY REUNION”. The reverse features two shields separated by double bladed fasces . The shields represent the Union and the Confederacy.

This coin is graded MS66 by NGC. It has blazing luster and hints of yellow to light steel blue toning. At time of posting this coin was offered at $1,000.

Gettysburg Half Dollar 1936   1936 Gettysburg 50 cent commemorative


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Coin of the Week June 6, 2017

The US Mint recently released a new ”High Relief” $100 gold coin. This coin is one ounce of .999 gold and is produced at the West Point mint. It celebrates the 225th anniversary of the United States Mint.  This coin is the first US coin to depict an African American woman on it. The reverse has a brilliant Eagle in flight. It is struck in proof condition.


The mint has limited production to 100,000 pieces. The mint is currently selling this coin for $1690. Our price is $1600. Only one available.

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Coin of the Week 5/8/17

This week we feature a rare “Trime”, which is a nickname for the 3 cent silver coins produced by the US mint from 1851-1873.  This piece is an 1869 Graded by PCGS Proof 64 Cameo. The original mintage for this coin is only 600 pieces.  The survival rate is low on these coins and many are not very attractive. We are pleased to offer this piece for $1550.

1869 Proof 64     



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2017 Silver Marlin Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has my vote for the Coin of the Year (COTY) – at least for the first quarter of the year. These coins have fantastic security devices by way of fine lines that go around the peripheral of the coin. But instead of having circular lines they form waves. The background behind the queen looks like rippling water and the Marlin on the other side looks like it is jumping off the coin! They are 1 ounce of solid silver .999 and dated 2017.



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Gold Jewelry Recycle – Repurpose

One of the nice things about the element known as gold is its versatility. Another nice thing is that gold is recyclable and reusable. When you have gold scrap to sell, (Scrap is a term for old gold earrings, rings, watches, chains, necklaces that are used) you can bring them to Old Pueblo Coin where they will get recycled. But unlike most recycling that costs you money, this form or recycling pays you money for your old jewelry and gold items. Most of these items get re-purposed into new jewelry, bullion or electronics.

Look for the small gold marks of 10k (.417), 14k (.585), 18k (.750) on your jewelry. Sometimes it is hard to see. If you see marks like ”AVON” or “KREMENTZ”, or “HGE” it is most likely plated gold and not real gold.

10K Gold Ring Stamp.

14k GOLD Stamp Back of Watch.

18k Gold Stamp

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Estate Sale versus outright sale

A question we get frequently is if you should use an estate sale or sell items outright. The answer is there is a time and a place for both.

Estate Sale Pros:

  • Everything goes! This is the most important thing about an estate sale and it provides some insight into when you should have one.
  • Someone else does the work. When you are thinking of having an estate sale you are usually in the middle of an emotionally trying time. Having someone else do the work for you is a great relief.

Estate Sale Cons:

  • You lose control of pricing.  An estate seller is going to do all the pricing for you. Although the workload being off your shoulders is good, not being in control of certain items is not.
  • Things can sell for too little. Things that don’t sell quickly will have their price cut in half!
  • Costs about 1/3 of sale price.  It is well worth the commission price to sell hard to sell things at an estate sale, but you don’t want to lose 33% on items you can sell at 20% margins!

Selling Outright Pros:

  • You control the price. This gives you a chance to search the market place for fair pricing.
  • You can often work on smaller margins for items like: Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Watches.
  • You never sell things you don’t want to sell. Unlike an estate sale, if a price is too low, you can keep the item.

Selling Outright Cons:

  • There is more leg work. It takes time to sell your valuables.
  • You may end up keeping things that others don’t want to buy (but at this point you can give them to the estate sale).

So when should you sell outright and when should you have an estate sale? The question should be more of a ”what should you sell outright and what should you sell at an estate sale?”. Our advice : bring the following items, Gold, Silver, Coins, Currency, Jewelry, Flatware, Watches, Historical items to Old Pueblo Coin and get a FREE APPRAISAL.

The reason you should sell these items is because we see people every week who bought the above items at estate sales and then they bring them to Old Pueblo Coin (4255 E Speedway) to sell them. This means that it sold for less at the estate sale than what Old Pueblo Coin would pay for them (and then you pay the estate 33% on top of that!).

The other reason to sell these items is because they are the concentrations of value. You can sell an entire room full of furniture for a couple of thousand dollars, and yet you can have that much money in just a pocket full of gold jewelry!

Bringing your Coins, Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Flatware, Watches, and other Historical Items to Old Pueblo Coin is the most economical move you  can make. It keeps you in control, maximizes your return, and is FREE to get an appraisal. After that, you can have your estate sale!

Call (520) – 881 -7200.

Open M-F 9-5 and Saturdays 9-4.

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ikriki Sex indicator and egg tester QUACK item …. or is it!?

Some things in life , some products in life, you just have to see to believe! This is a great piece of QUACK medicine. It may be an even better piece of advertising. As you read the ”instructions” you will see what I mean. If you want to read the instructions just scroll down.

The item is called an ”ikriki’‘. This is onomatopoeia – or the sound of something that has been turned into a word. In english it would be ”cock a doodle do”. Although the item appears to be Japanese in origin, the ”ikriki” sound appears to be the closest to the German (In German it’s: kikeriki) sound or the Italian sound (Italian: chicchirichì (pron. kikkiriˈki)).  Or perhaps Spanish (In Spanish it’s: quiquiriquí).

The item itself is about two inches long and hangs on a string. It comes in a nice red box with a rooster on the front and the name ”ikriki”. It has the directions on the back of the box. In theory you hold the ”ikriki” still over an egg and it tells you if it is a hen or a rooster or neutral.  But if you read on you will see it gets really good with the claims on the instructions.

ikriki4  ikriki3ikriki5  ikriki6ikriki  ikriki2

Here are the Directions:

Apparatus is a scientific passtime for everybody.   Any animal, small or large, dead or alive, as well as their products, such as milk, butter , raw or boiled meat, etc can be tested with this apparatus. With objects, such as leather bags, pocket-books, gloves, mother of pearl, and bone-buttons, mussels, etc. It can be ascertained whether they come from masculine or feminin animals.


The apparatus is of great interest to scholars and zoologists to apply the same to butterflies, bugs, worms, vaterpillars, etc.

When digging up human or animal remnants such as bones, theeth , hair, feathers, etc. the apparatus will determine the sex.

With this apparatus various experiments can be managed. Lay a man or lady-photo upon a table and hold the apparatus there above so by man-photos pendeling motions and by lady photos circular ones will arise.

If holding the apparatus betwenn two fingers but not above the hand and calling the name of any acquainted person the a apparatus will pendel by male and circulate by a female one.

Also ghosts can be called to in naming a deceased one. In case a male person pendeling and a female one circulating motions will arise. 

So you may find various matters for much still lays hidden that can be discovered.

The effects of the egg-tester and dividing-rod are based on similar, secret magnetic influences.

See publications of Dr. Von Reichenbach and Dr. med. Voll on divining rods.”

Side two.

“Sex-indicator and egg-tester. 

The egg-tester is used for testing eggs before they are used for hatching. Place the egg upon the table, take the cord of the egg-tester between thumb and forefinger, rest your elbow upon the table and hold the apparatus about 5mm above the egg. In about 1/2 a minute pendeling motions will appear in case of a masculine egg, circular motions if feminine and none at all, if the egg is sterling, as shown b the illustrations. To test the effect of the apparatus, place your hand upon the table and hold the apparatus over the same as above described and the same motions will be observed.

The apparatus is indispensable for every household, as sterile eggs can be preserved much longer as others. 

Protected by patent-law! apparatus elegantix made and in fine case.”



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