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Wisconsin Quarters

Wisconsin Quarters

This Wisconsin Statehood Quarter came out in November of 2004.  December of 2004, Tucson native, Bob Ford walked in to our shop just like he did every week with his ”finds” from searching coins he got from the bank. He always found something. 90% U.S. silver coins or old War Nickels. This time it was different. He had these coins that clearly had been struck with a variation of the normal dies resulting in extra leaves on the corn stalk. The extra leaf is on the left side of the corn stalk with one version going up along the stalk and the other drooping low, towards the cheese.

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cherrypickerspageHere at Old Pueblo Coin we are very excited about the new Wisconsin Statehood Quarter ‘High’ and ‘Low’ leaf varieties. The Wisconsin quarter varieties are in FOUR BOOKS. They are in the Red Book (Yeoman/Bressett), the new edition of the Cherrypicker’s Guide (Fivaz/Stanton), the new Guide Book to United States Type Coins (Bowers), and a new book on Statehood quarters (Bowers). They are also in the Coin World Coin Values Magazine.  Industry leaders have high praise for the coins as well.

 “I think they’re totally fantastic,…and I think they’re a very big deal” – David Hall, President Collectors Universe (PCGS).

“Personally, I’m very excited about the two new ‘varieties’ you discovered” -JT Stanton, Author of The Cherrypicker’s Guide.

“I think that these are very exciting discoveries…for all of numismatics. One of the most interesting in modern times” – David Bowers, Prolific Numismatic Author.



NGC Graded Wisconsin Quarters

Description NGC Grade Price
Low Leaf MS 64 $125
Low Leaf MS 65 $150
Low Leaf MS66 $199
High/Low Leaf Set AU58 Sold Out
High/Low Leaf Set MS 62 Sold Out
High/Low Leaf Set MS 64 Sold Out
High/Low Leaf Set MS 65 $400
High/Low Leaf Set MS 66 $800
High/Low Leaf Set MS 67 $2500


PCGS Graded Wisconsin Quarters

Description PCGS Grade Price
Low Leaf MS 64 $150
High/Low Leaf Set AU 58 Sold Out
High/Low Leaf Set MS 63 Sold Out
High/Low Leaf Set MS 64 Sold Out
High/Low Leaf Set MS 65 $750
High/Low Leaf Set MS 66 P.O.R.


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