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US Star Notes Star Notes

Star Notes, or Replacement notes are produced by the BEP when a sheet(s) of notes is damaged or destroyed. The notes that are used to replace the damaged notes have stars on them indicating the replacement.

Star notes come in different sizes, styles and colors. They are on large size and small sized currency.  Modern notes are usually not that rare, but can be fun to pull out of change. Earlier US notes and Silver Certificates can have a great deal of value, especially on lower production notes, such as Gold Certificates, Hawaii, and early Federal Reserve National Bank Notes.

Douglas Murry has written the comprehensive catalog of US Large Size Star Notes. It is a great reference on the subject, as well as the Standard Guide to Small-Size US Paper Money by Schwartz and Lindquist.

Star notes come in several shapes and on both large size and small size cur

The star note market it heating up! We have a number of great items for the star note specialist. Please contact us soon, once they are gone they are hard for us to replace! We have many other notes in stock. Please e’mail your want list and let us know what you are looking for, we may just have it.

Item # Description Price Image
ST1 1928 B Silver STAR Certificate $1. Here is a great solid star note from the 1928 B Silver Certificate series. $100.
ST2 1976 G $2.00 Star CGA 66. These are from a slightly scarcer Chicago district. It has a higher mintage, but also a much larger circulation, leaving nice UNC’s scarcer. Here is a high grade pair from the same sheet. CGA 66- $75
ST3 1934 A North Africa $5.00 Star. This is the first chance we have had to offer a North African $5.00 Star note. This note has nice even, honost wear and grades VF. $500.

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