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Gold Jewelry Recycle – Repurpose

One of the nice things about the element known as gold is its versatility. Another nice thing is that gold is recyclable and reusable. When you have gold scrap to sell, (Scrap is a term for old gold earrings, rings, watches, chains, necklaces that are used) you can bring them to Old Pueblo Coin where they will get recycled. But unlike most recycling that costs you money, this form or recycling pays you money for your old jewelry and gold items. Most of these items get re-purposed into new jewelry, bullion or electronics.

Look for the small gold marks of 10k (.417), 14k (.585), 18k (.750) on your jewelry. Sometimes it is hard to see. If you see marks like ”AVON” or “KREMENTZ”, or “HGE” it is most likely plated gold and not real gold.

10K Gold Ring Stamp.

14k GOLD Stamp Back of Watch.

18k Gold Stamp

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